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Vikram Mansharamani Speech Topics

Navigating Uncertainty: An Unconventional Approach
In this stimulating and entertaining talk, Dr. Vikram Mansharamani applies a unique combination of practitioner experience and academic perspective to help audiences navigate the seemingly unending crosscurrents of global economic, financial and geopolitical uncertainty. He explains how we got to...
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Think For Yourself
In a fast-paced world driven by complex and changing factors, connecting the dots is often more important than developing them. As a result of the overwhelming flood of information that pours at us daily, we run headlong into the arms of experts and technologies. We’ve stopped thinking for...
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Boom or Bust: Spotting Bubbles Before They Burst
Our dynamic global economy seems to be producing boom and bust cycles more frequently than in the past. There’s always something that seems ahead of itself, having reached unsustainable levels. In direct contrast to the prevailing academic thinking, Dr. Vikram Mansharamani believes it’s possible...
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The Global Economy - An Unconventional Look
Europe falling apart? China collapsing? Treasury bubble popping? Japan’s economy imploding? Energy dynamics creating geopolitical unrest? Vikram Mansharamani applies his multi-lens approach to help people manage the cross-currents of rapidly-changing global economic, financial and political...
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The Generalist Advantage
Expertise and specialization can hamper the ability to navigate the uncertainty of a complex world. Instead, Vikram advocates cultivating a broader view - a generalist’s mindset. Most people who encounter seemingly irrelevant information think “So what?!” Generalists think “isn’t that...
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The Global Consumption Boom – Why Everything Is About To Change
As the middle-class balloons in emerging nations, a global consumption boom will have an unprecedented impact on food, fuel, precious metals and other commodities. The likely impact on the global standard of living will drive geopolitical and economic uncertainty. Vikram Mansharamani untangles...
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The End Of Cheap Food – A Forecast
Food is emerging as one of the future’s most volatile assets. Shifting political, economic, climatic and societal change all factor into the equation. Vikram Mansharamani shows that the era of cheap food is over and describes the geo-political and geo-economic ramifications – from Wall Street to...
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