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Valerie Coleman Morris


Emmy award winning journalist, Valerie Morris is the former Business Anchor for CNN domestic and international. She recently declined a new contract with CNN to focus on her core interest and passion - financial literacy for women, young adults and people of color, the most disenfranchised segments of the population concerning money issues.

Morris will continue to write and ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Leadership:

    We can't lead with yesterday's leadership skills. While character, intelligence and judgment are still important and ... View More

  • Diversity:

    Noticing differences is politically correct these days. Diversity is "in". Its value is being recognized just about ... View More

  • The Financial Futures of Women:

    There's nothing like a financial crisis to change attitudes. Women everywhere are dealing with daunting, if not ... View More

  • The Sandwich Generation:

    The Sandwich Generation is made up of adults caught in the middle. Adults 45 to 65, most often, facing the dilemma ... View More

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