Travis Rosen

Travis Rosen

  • American Ninja Warrior competitor
  • Father of three, Strong faith witness

Travis Rosen continues the pursuit of athletic excellence and overcoming the seemingly impossible- all while pushing the limits of "perceived" age boundaries. A former All American gymnast at the University of Iowa, Rosen- now age 43- has spent the past nine years aspiring to conquer the formidable obstacle course known as American Ninja Warrior, currently in it's ninth season. Having competed since season two and being a top five finisher in seasons three, four, five, six, and nine, the first American to climb stage four's 77' tower in season six's USA vs The World, being the only American with seven trips to the ANW Finals with six stage one clears, as well as team captain of runner-up Team TNT in both seasons one and two of the new Team Ninja Warrior series, Travis continues to look to his wife, three kids, and faith in Jesus for motivation and inspiration to do what only two Americans finally achieved in season seven: total victory on the world's most difficult obstacle course.

Having graduated with a major in Japanese and completing a one year study abroad in Japan ( ), Rosen loves the ties between his current pursuits on ANW and it's origin, not to mention the show's continued popularity explosion. "To have my background in Japanese resurface through these obstacle course competitions is incredible my hope is to keep doing well in the States and have this adventure take me back once again to the birthplace of it all, Japan. To be one of the few ninjas who've been around almost since the inception of this now pop-culture icon, knowing I've had a hand in helping build it is humbling. It's a massive platform that inspires others to be healthy, to get back up and keep fighting, to go for the impossible. I'm an ambassador and I couldn't be more honored to embrace this role."

When not training or spending time with family, Rosen's living is as diverse as the obstacles he faces: encouraging others as a public speaker, training ninjas of the future, as well as traversing the wiles of the stock market. "The market, and Ninja Warrior alike, can be a rough go; definitely not for everyone. Thankfully the pitfalls I've experienced and there've been a great deal have continued to teach me what it is to truly persevere in the face of extremely pressure-filled situations unto overcoming and building character. My longevity and consistency on American Ninja Warrior have opened the door to convey unrelenting persistence, teamwork, hope, and never quitting in the midst of insane adversity. It's a message that resonates because...that's life."

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