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Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman, Motivational, Women in Business, Authors, Body Language FNC, body language, O'Reilly, Oreilly Tonya Reiman, Motivational, Women in Business, Authors, Body Language FNC, body language, O'Reilly, Oreilly

Tonya Reiman Speech Topics

Non-Verbal Communication - Body Language- Your body speaks louder than your voice.
Body language or non-verbal communication makes up approximately 75% of all communication. Did you know that you can determine if a person is lying by a subtle shift in their eyes. You can learn if they are interested in you simply by noticing their pupils. Allow me to demonstrate to your group...
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Effective Communication:
Communication is the golden key to so many doors in both your business and personal life. Becoming an effective communicator can literally be a life changing experience. How do you become a powerful communicator? It takes a lot more than words. Learn the key communication skills that will make...
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Influence and Persuasion
What the Ability to Influence Can Do for You! Become a personal magnet, enhancing your charisma... people find you fascinating. Gain compliance, almost as often as you want. Manage your emotional state and the state of others. Be confident in all communication with subordinates, peers and...
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How do you motivate someone to do something that is not important to them? Make it important to them. Give them a reason to become excited and energized. The "How To" constantly achieve win-win situations Master goal creation - personal and business Discover the rewards of recognition
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Creative Teamwork
This course presents new and innovative methods for employees to instill creative teambuilding practices in their repertoire of skills. This course will aid participants in becoming more creative team players, being more successful, and adding value to their companies while at the same time...
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Stress Reduction
Learn why some stress is good. Identify the most common stressors. Help eliminate the bad stress quickly and effectively. Learn relaxation techniques you can use anytime and anywhere. Learn about the cost of stress related illnesses Become proficient at recognizing emotional triggers Master...
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Presentation Skills
Nervousness and self consciousness are a natural part of speaking in public. Polishing your skills and learning to be quick on your feet can make the difference between a presentation and an unforgettable presentation! Three techniques to immediate calm you in front of an audience Learn how to...
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Generating Success in Tough Times (Sales & Communication)
Generating Success in Tough Times is a must presentation for anyone involved in the business world. Available in both a keynote and seminar format, in Generating Success in Tough Times you will learn a set of covert skills of persuasion via nonverbal and verbal transmission. These skills will...
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Stop Losing Money
A multitude of business transactions are made every day and you want to make the most of those opportunities that come your way. Learn how to read body language and leverage your own to help close sales, build rapport, and boost your business. Help others see you as the answer to their problems...
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The Sales Pendulum
The client decides in the first four seconds if your rep is trustworthy and likable. The client then decides if your rep is confident and credible. Finally, they determine if they like what you have to offer. In this seminar Tonya shares all the latest research on how to optimize your...
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The Gender Agenda
Learn and benefit from the biological gender differences we encounter daily. In this program you will discover that our varied views, when understood, can lead to major advancements in the workforce. Get a firm grasp on how the opposite gender assimilates information and how it manifests itself...
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