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Tony Schwartz is at the center of the new thinking that creates sustainably high performance by managing energy and building capacity vs. simply working harder. Tony draws on multi-disciplinary science as well as on three decades spent studying great performers. He and his organization, The Energy Project, have redefined the way individuals and organizations can thrive in a world of ... VIEW MORE

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Performance Survival Zone
The Chief Energy Officer
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The Power of Full Engagement
We Have a Capacity Crisis
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  • Transforming the Way We Work: The New Rules of Engagment

    Demand in our lives is increasing relentlessly. Our capacity isn't keeping pace. The way we're working isn't working. ... View More


    There’s a better way to work. Human beings aren’t meant to operate in the same way computers do: continuously, at ... View More


    As demand in our lives outpaces our capacity, the fundamental responsibility of any leader is to mobilize, focus, ... View More

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  • I'm a huge fan of Tony Schwartz. I have had the great pleasure of his working closely with me and our senior leaders the past 18 months. As a communicator of ideas he is refreshingly practical, straightforward, innovative, challenging and invigorating.
  • Ben Jenkins, President - Wachovia Bank
  • I have become accustomed to the glowing comments Tony’s workshops here. Our partners have found his concepts and practices to be truly effective in making a lasting difference in how they approach their work and the success they achieve through it.
  • David Deacon, Managing Director - Credit Suisse First Boston
  • One of our best meetings ever. Tony's was a memorable presentation and his participation was a major part of our success
  • Raymond Towle, Executive Director - US Chamber of Commerce
US and Canada $35,000.00
Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean $45,000.00
Half Day US and Canada $45,000.00
Western Europe, South America, Middle East $50,000.00
Eastern Europe $55,000.00
Asia $60,000.00
Tony Schwartz travels from New York, NY and requires Plus first class travel, hotel accommodations for up to two nights (guaranteed for late arrival and billed to the Client master), meals and ground transportation in departure and event cities.

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