Tony Mowbray

Tony Mowbray

Fastest Australian to Sail Solo, Non-Stop Around the World.

About Tony Mowbray

The "Power of Commitment" enabled Tony Mowbray to become the fastest Australian to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world. This 181-day, record-breaking adventure required total focus and unswerving self-belief. Imagine! 6 months in some of the most inhospitable oceans on earth ..Icebergs, the legend of Cape Horn, mountainous seas, freezing temperatures, isolation, pirates .. and 181 days of self-discovery.

A little less than two years earlier, Tony Mowbray and his crew on board his ...

Tony demonstrated qualities that had a direct influence on the team's enthusiasm and strategic direction for their long and short-term goals. It has been an absolute pleasure knowing Tony and I have been positively affected by his infectious enthusiasm.

Andrew Streat - District Sales Manager, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

. . . we had the opportunity to listen to Tony Mowbray and his story of survival and commitment to achieving his goal. Tony explained how, through the power of his 100% commitment to his dream, this challenge was achieved in record-breaking time.

David Landgren - Managing Director, Apex Fenner Conveyor Belting

Your talk was informative and entertaining, and carried important elements of motivation and insight into human behaviour, which is important in the business and personal arena. All of our employees present gained from the experience.

Derek Sidey - General Manager/Director, Gledhill Constructions

Tony's presentation had his audience of over one hundred people of diverse interests and ages completely spellbound. All agreed his message of determination and will to succeed was an inspiration.

George Sinclair - President, Riding for the Disabled NSW

Your inspirational presentation was a perfect ending to a great day. I have had an incredible number of staff tell me how moved and motivated they were by your story. It really pulled together a lot of what we had discussed and put it into perspective.

Marshall Cowley - Executive Manager, Human Resources; Companion Credit Union Ltd.

To me, yours is not just a story of courage in the face of adversity, it is more a story about a victory for passion and desire, in an ongoing battle against fear and uncertainty. Rest assured, never again will I fail to 'Look it in the Eye.'

Michael Gibson - Senior Manager BSD Credit, Banking & Property Group; Macquarie Bank Limited
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