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Tony Evans

Tony Evans, Pro-Life, Fundraising, Men's Ministries, Evangelism & Outreach Tony Evans, Pro-Life, Fundraising, Men's Ministries, Evangelism & Outreach

Tony Evans's Speech Topics

Power of God's Names
- Understanding the meanings of God’s various names - Identifying how God’s names reveal His character - Linking the character of God with the circumstances of everyday life
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One Family Under God
- Help people understand God's true purpose for the family unit - Teaching on reflecting God's kingdom, displaying God's Triune image, submitting to God, and understanding Satan's schemes when it comes to the family.
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Kingdom Man
Teaching on the powerful principles of biblical manhood.
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Kingdom Woman
Teaching that God wants to take our pain and teach us to depend on His comfort and provision This program will help you trust God when your life seems to crumble around you, and outlines five aspects of God’s generous provision when we come to Him with humble faith.
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Hope of the Cross
- How to activate the power of the cross - Gain access to all of the benefits, blessings and power contained within the cross - Live the empowered and victorious life God intended
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How Should Christians Vote
- Understanding the basic principles of God’s establishing of government - God's four realms of government - How God aligns Himself with government
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Living in Financial Victory
- Living in financial victory through sowing and reaping - Understanding the biblical principles of stewardship within the realm of God's kingdom - Principles of give, save and spend
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- Understanding the value and meaning of personal destiny - Showing the various paths God uses to lead someone to their destiny - The aspects of personality, gifts and background related to destiny
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