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Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Tony Bilson has been recognised as one of Australia's leading chefs for over 30 years. His restaurants have been milestones in the advance of Australian gastronomy and include Tony's Bon Gout, Berowra Waters Inn, Kinselas, Bilson's, Fine Bouche, the Treasury at Sydney's Inter-Continental Hotel, Ampersand and Canard. In 2003 he opened Bilson's in the city, and the Sydney Morning Herald has already awarded it 16 out of 20, saying: 'For those who hanker for the gentleness and finesse of proper dining, ...

18/20 Tony Bilson has never cooked with more intelligence and finesse. Bilson's is a rare treat that should be loved, adored and honoured by every serious Sydney Diner.

Simon Thomsen - SMH 2006

18/20 If Tony Bilson is the fodfather of Sydney dining, Bilson's is an offer you can't resist. Bilson's has settled into it's slot at one end of the hotel foyer and revels in a distinct personality; unashamedly French with a contemporary, even light-hearted, twist to serene food in calm surroundings. The patron's personal art collection lines the walls and the odd book and bottles of wine provide a cheerful counterpart to the formal tables and grand windows. The food, as always, speaks for itself; carpaccio of pink snapper with caviars; salad of black figs and fresh Perigueux truffles. The matelote of jewfish, local lobster and Hawkesbury calamari is a littel work of seafood art; organic chicken breast poached with truffle butter, a quiet hymn to fowl and fungi. Perfect raspberry souffle and French, Swiss and Australian cheeses are a fitting finale to a dining experience in which the emphasis is always on subtlety, complexity and virtuosity.

Good Food Guide 2007 - Sydney Morning Herald
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