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Tommy Spaulding

  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Executive Coach
  • Leadership Consultant

Tommy Spaulding is President of the Spaulding Companies Corporation, a national leadership development, speaking, training, consulting, and executive coaching organization. A world-renowned speaker on leadership, Spaulding has spoken to hundreds of organizations, associations, educational institutions, and corporations around the globe. His first book, It's Not Just Who You Know ... VIEW MORE

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  • Customer Sales and Service: What Does it Mean to Focus on ROR Instead of ROI?

    It’s impossible to build a successful client base in a silo. In other words, relationships are not optional. Though ... View More

  • TeamBuilding: Improve Employee Morale, Reduce Turnover and Mobilize Your Teams

    Unengaged employees cost companies and organizations billions of dollars. Research tells us that employees who don’ ... View More

  • Leadership: A Relationship Between Those Who Inspire and Those Who Act

    How do we accomplish extraordinary things as leaders? The quality of our relationships determines whether we simply ... View More

  • Achieving Organizational Excellence: Empower and Elevate Yourself and Others Around You By Transforming Your Approach With People

    This is not a keynote address that espouses the merits of good networking. In fact, it discourages it. Spaulding ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Everything Tommy Spaulding does he does with passion, energy and insight. He gives his whole heart in every keynote. He’s one of the talented speakers in the country. I can’t recommend anyone more highly for your organization.
  • Ken Blanchard - Author, The One Minute Manager - The One Minute Manager
  • A fresh, and heartfelt look at creating, building and maintaining relationships that matter. Tommy Spaulding’s concepts of “five floors of relationships” and “relational competence” can produce positive life-altering returns.
  • Pete Coors, Chairman - MillerCoors
  • I’ve never seen anyone connect with and move an audience like Tommy does. His real-life stories breathe life into our own aspirations as leaders. Mark my words: Tommy Spaulding will soon be one of the top ten speakers in the country.
  • Steve Faber - - Best Selling Author

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