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Tomas Philipson

  • The Business of Health and Health Care

Tomas J. Philipson is a health care economist who holds the Daniel Levin Chair of Public Policy at The University of Chicago. He is also founding partner of Precision Health Economics LLC, a health care consultancy with headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in 5 other cities.

Philipson has served in several public sector positions. He served in the second Bush Administration as ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • The Future of Medical Innovation

    Talk focuses on the economic forces that drive medical innovation and development an the likely future course of ... View More

  • Why is Obesity Growing ?

    The talk focuses on the economic forces that is driving the growth in obesity.

  • Why does health care spending keep rising?

    The talk focuses on the sources of spending growth in health care.

  • How will health care reform affect your business ?

    Talk outlining key impacts of health care reform on employers.

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