Tom Mitchell Speech Topics

Finding Life Balance After a Tragedy
Learn from Tom’s personal experience about balancing personal and professional selves after a tragedy, losing his oldest son, Drew, at age 22 to an undiagnosed medical condition. After a tragedy, it’s easy to stay down or bury yourself in work or non-productive activities. How do you move...
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What the Heck is a Healthcare Consumer?
Learn from Tom’s experience as a healthcare marketing executive and understand what’s behind the move to healthcare consumerism and if it’s redefining healthcare. As traditional healthcare models undergo transformation, the emergence of healthcare consumerism is bringing new ways of viewing...
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The Past, Present and Future of Healthcare IT
Learn from Tom’s experience as an executive in the Healthcare IT industry and what the future holds while examining the past and present market conditions With all the changes occurring in healthcare, it’s an exciting time to be in the industry. There are many old technologies that are on the way...
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