Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell

  • 30 Year Marketing Veteran
  • Healthcare Marketing Expert

Tom is a 30-year marketing veteran and currently serves as a marketing consultant to healthcare organizations seeking to realign their strategy, reinvent themselves or enter new markets. He has led companies through corporate rebranding initiatives, new product launches, portfolio diversification and through acquisitions.

Tom has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, focusing on ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

MEDHOST on Overcoming Health System Challenges
CommonWell TV interview with Tom Mitchell, MEDHOST
Managing A Brand Across An Enterprise
Speech Topics
  • Finding Life Balance After a Tragedy

    Learn from Tom’s personal experience about balancing personal and professional selves after a tragedy, losing his ... View More

  • What the Heck is a Healthcare Consumer?

    Learn from Tom’s experience as a healthcare marketing executive and understand what’s behind the move to healthcare ... View More

  • The Past, Present and Future of Healthcare IT

    Learn from Tom’s experience as an executive in the Healthcare IT industry and what the future holds while examining ... View More

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Tom's Blog

HealthTech on Display: Quick...
Posted February 27th 2017
Healthcare continues to be the focal point of so much conversation in America. Rightly so. It has become politicized, debated a...

Word of HIT's Demise is Greatly...
Posted February 22nd 2017
Health information technology is dead. Okay, not really. But that's what I keep hearing. As I survey the healthcare landscap...

If You Can Dream It, "Crush It"
Posted January 25th 2017
Many of us are running a sprint and don't realize it. We move from activity to activity, put our heads down and blinders on and...

Two Years Traveling Down A Dark Road
Posted January 10th 2017
Learning to Live Differently, Balancing Personal and Professional Selves After Tragedy Since I lost my son, Drew at 22 years o...

Being Social Helped Win The Election:...
Posted November 15th 2016
Social media has never been more anti-social. At least that's the impression coming out of the recent presidential election. In...

Real-time Data: Returning Marketing...
Posted November 6th 2016
Marketing as a profession hit a low point about 25 years ago. Mesmerizing, elegant marketing programs had become a thing of the...

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