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Tim Clue

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Long before he was an educator, professional speaker, published playwright, husband and father, Tim was an undiagnosed hyper-active dyslexic rug rat from a small town outside Chicago. From this environment was cultivated a deep passion for teaching, writing and presenting. By 24, Tim was a college educator and coaching a nationally-recognized speech team, all while training at Improv ... VIEW MORE

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Motivation: A Funny Thing
You know you're an educator if...
Comedy Keynote
Unconventional Host
Especially for Educators: The Unlikely Teacher
Speech Topics
  • Comedy Keynote

    Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, squeaky clean and adept at finding the pulse of your company, Tim integrates your messages ... View More

  • The Unlikely Teacher

    Tim Clue is a professional writer, stand-up comic and award-winning teacher who believes that speaking and learning should ... View More

  • Educational Breakouts

    For day-long events, Tim can also provide these Educational Breakouts: Educational Break-Out #1: “Three C’s — An ... View More

  • Motvation: A Funny Thing

    Increasing trust, team and connection through laughter—this is Tim’s art form and passion. Says Tim: “We live in an ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Tim, you are a funny, funny man and I'm amazed at your quick wit. It was truly a pleasure for us to have you on another one of our programs.
  • Ron Arrigo, Vice President and Director of Education - Nebraska Bankers Association
  • Tim's persentation not only garnered an overwhelming response, but his use of multimedia to heighten his presentation resonated exceptionally well.
  • Richard T. Clark, Service Fulfillment, North American Commercial Division - Caterpillar, Inc.
  • You not only shaped our presentation from the ground floor, but your performance was in such great taste, too.
  • Sandy Babin - Apple Vacations

Tim's Blog

Pink Flamingos and Science That...
Scientists have worked out why flamingos stand on one leg. I'm glad there's finally headway in this matter. The good new...

The Grade-A Fib We Keep Telling...
There's a lot of confusion in the news these days about what's fact and what's fake. So I'm starting to lose track of what ...

Groves Academy: Educators Write a New...
It's finally spring. Here in Chicago the trees are starting to blossom. So why do I have Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on ...

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