Tim Clue

Tim Clue, Comedians NSB, education, Motivation, Top 10 Construction, humor Tim Clue, Comedians NSB, education, Motivation, Top 10 Construction, humor

Tim Clue Speech Topics

Team Trust & Laughter : Cultivating Culture
Connection, transparency, and trust are the new currency that drives culture. Tim’s reinvention of motivation as trust and connection is the game changer that inspires engagement and collaboration. His drive to connect the disconnected, and reveal how finding comfort in discomfort is the catalyst...
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Motivation: A Funny Thing - For Teams
Increasing trust, team and connection through laughter—this is Tim’s art form and passion. Says Tim: “We live in an attention economy; in a tangled digital age where connection, transparency, and trust are the new currency.” This one-of-a-kind speaker is an award-winning writer, educator, and...
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The Unlikely Teacher : For Educators
Tim Clue is a professional writer, stand-up comic and award-winning teacher who believes that speaking and learning should be dynamic, interactive, collaborative, ideally funny (for better stickiness) and should allow for failure, reinvention and plenty of wiggle room. Tim also believes that “...
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Educational Breakouts
For day-long events, Tim can also provide these Educational Breakouts: Educational Break-Out #1: “Three C’s — An Improv-Based Program” Communication, Collaboration, and Confidence. Utilizing strategically adapted improv-based exercises, Tim offers a shift in how students might better connect with...
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Comedy Keynote
Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, squeaky clean and adept at finding the pulse of your company, Tim integrates your messages and culture with his unique brand of high energy, interactive humor. Using his razor sharp wit, Tim custom-builds original, hilarious, creative and collaborative...
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