Thomas Toch

Thomas Toch

  • Leading Education Commentator
  • Award-winning Author
  • National Education Expert

Thomas Toch is one of the nation's leading education commentators. He has been a keen observer of the American education scene for over two decades--as an award-winning author, national magazine writer, Harvard instructor, columnist, and think tank founder and director.
He is now the founding director of the Center on the Future of American Education at Georgetown University.
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Speech Topics
  • Motivating Students

    New research is providing educators and parents with valuable new strategies for helping students persevere in the face ... View More

  • Inside School Reform

    Today’s school reform movement started three decades ago. What has it accomplished? Where is it headed?

  • Inside the Beltway

    The latest on national education policy and politics

  • The Future of the Local Public School

    Local public schools have been called "secular churches," civic cornerstone of communities. But a new, market-driven ... View More

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