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Birds of Unlike Feathers
No organization can perform up to its potential if its people are mired in interpersonal conflicts and internal competition. Birds of Unlike Feathers can be presented as an entertaining and practical keynote or seminar and is applicable for a wide range of audiences. It provides key information...
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Leadership Lessons from Market Street
Effective leadership is one of the most critical competencies for any organization. This keynote illustrates the three key leadership roles that need to be focused upon on a daily basis and provides a practical framework to apply these concepts consistently.
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Raspberries and Flaming Bags
A fast paced keynote or seminar focused on people in supervisory and management positions that helps identify how work situations can become 'politicized' and how to avoid these traps. It also highlights how managers can transition out of potentially political situations with their employees and...
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Strategic Boot Camp
An intensive two-day program that helps to get a team strategically aligned. The outcome is a prioritized list of tactics that a team can begin implementing immediately - not another binder to collect dust.
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Life: The most rewarding project.
A personal effectiveness keynote or seminar based on the principles contained in Thomas' book Miller's Bolt. It explains the underlying dynamics of personal performance and provides easy-to-use tools to help employees achieve more of their potential.
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The Performance Spiral
This core concept from Thomas' book, Miller's Bolt, can be applied to a wide range of sales, customer service, management, and team-building situations. Presented as either a keynote or seminar, it provides a practical framework to improve relationships and personal performance.
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The Rules of Strategic Selling
This integrated relationship selling skills program is typically delivered in a two-day format. Individual content areas can be combined into tailored keynotes or shorter duration seminars. Topic areas include: Relationship Management, Personal Business Planning, Strategic Account Management,...
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Selling at the Circus
Few other marketing initiatives offer as much sales potential coupled with as many unique challenges as do consumer and trade shows. This pragmatic seminar focuses on fundamental planning considerations your organization needs to be successful. It also provides some of the key on-the-floor sales...
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Easy Pieces Project Management
A powerful seminar that introduces easy-to-use project management skills that can be applied every day on the job. The session uses the concepts from Thomas' book, Miller's Bolt, and can be focused on a current organizational project for maximum impact and skills uptake.
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Who let the cows out?
Improving employee retention is a strategic imperative. This keynote or seminar investigates underlying reasons why employees leave and explains why employee turnover is a process, not an event. It outlines ways to identify employees that are at risk of leaving, and suggests practical ways to...
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