Thomas Stirr

Thomas Stirr

  • Marketing Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Author of "Millers Bolt"

Throughout his corporate career Thomas has been associated with outstanding business results. His background includes strategy development, marketing management, advertising and communications, training and development, sales management, commissioned sales, customer service, and purchasing.

Thomas Stirr is the author of two books: Miller's Bolt: A Modern Business Parable, and 4 Ounces ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Birds of Unlike Feathers

    No organization can perform up to its potential if its people are mired in interpersonal conflicts and internal ... View More

  • Leadership Lessons from Market Street

    Effective leadership is one of the most critical competencies for any organization. This keynote illustrates the three ... View More

  • Raspberries and Flaming Bags

    A fast paced keynote or seminar focused on people in supervisory and management positions that helps identify how work ... View More

  • Strategic Boot Camp

    An intensive two-day program that helps to get a team strategically aligned. The outcome is a prioritized list of ... View More

Text Reviews
  • His presentations were excellent. He researched his audience and tailored a 60-minute talk on retention, showing that it is an ongoing process . . . which was a new concept for the audience.
  • Peter Charboneau, Publisher - Over the Road Magazine
  • Very informative, opened up many new areas in the thought process. The seminar has brought out more ideas on how to use my strengths to go after more client business without worrying about negotiations.
  • Participant Comments - National Truck League
  • It was an awesome 2 days! Really enjoyed seeing what personality I was at work and home. Having been on a few of these types of seminars, a breath of fresh air in knowing that you were "more than familiar" with our business. Job well done.
  • Participant Comments - Alliance Atlantis
Non Profit $4,000.00
Keynote $5,000.00
Local Keynote $5,000.00
Half Day $6,000.00
Full Day $7,000.00
Thomas Stirr travels from Toronto or Hamilton, Ontario and requires Coach class for 1

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