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Leadership is ACTION.
In this #LeadershipMinute, Tom talks about how leadership is defined by one’s actions. To see all of Tom’s #LeadershipMinutes, visit his YouTube Channel.
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Social-Emotional Learning
Basil Marin joins Tom for this #LeadershipMinute.
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Changing Climate to Change Culture
Todd Whitaker joins Tom for this #LeadershipMinute. For more on Todd’s work, click here.
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Creating and Sharing Great Content
Jennifer Gonzalez (@CultofPedagogy) joins Tom for this #LeadershipMinute. To check out Jennifer’s incredible blog, visit
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What Should Middle School Look Like?
Dr. Neil Gupta joins Tom for this #LeadershipMinute.
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Don't Forget About YOU!
For more #LeadershipMinutes, subscribe to Tom’s YouTube Channel here.
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How Do You Maintain Balance?
Jessica Cabeen joins Tom for this #LeadershipMinute. I’ll start by saying I feel like a complete hypocrite writing this blog post as balance in life is something with which I struggle. There. I said it. I struggle to maintain a proper balance in life. I absolutely love the work that I’m blessed to do. Although the travel can be exhausting, there...
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What You Do Matters
Tom shares some thoughts from a recent keynote for a state conference. For more from Tom’s YouTube Channel, click here.
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How Does Your Community Know?
Matt Miller joins Tom for this #LeadershipMinute. To see other #LeadershipMinutes, click here. Every day in your school and district, great things happen. How does your community know? One school district that I love to follow, not simply because of the amazing work that happens inside it, but because of the intentional way that they share their...
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Culture Building: One Day at a Time
Traveling the country and working with school and district leaders over the past four years has significantly altered my lens. Spending fourteen years in the same district in Pennsylvania was an incredible blessing. I worked with so many dynamic, kid-loving people. Over my tenure there, our teams had come together during some of the most difficu...
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