The Edutainers

The Edutainers


Tammy Maxson McElroy and Dr. Brad Johnson form a dynamic and entertaining duo known as The Edutainers. Drawing upon 35+ years of combined teaching and administrative experience, Mrs. McElroy and Dr. Johnson share a wealth of knowledge and experience from “The Trenches”. Their expertise is balanced with their outgoing personalities and humor to create entertaining and engaging ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Lights, Camera, Multi-Management

    Studies have identified the lack of management as one of the biggest problems in public schools over the past three ... View More

  • Who’s Doing the Homework Anyway?

    Parents are an integral part of the education community. This entertaining and educational seminar presents the ... View More

  • Politics of Education

    Teachers are the driving force behind the success of education. However, in today's political climate, teachers have ... View More

  • The Edutainer: The Changing Role of the Teacher in the 21st Century

    This session explains a paradigm shift for today’s teaching and learning. The Edutainer bridges the gap between ... View More

Text Reviews
  • The "Changing Role of the Teacher in the 21st Century" presentation made by Dr. Brad Johnson and Mrs. Tammy McElroy was well received by our students. The personal experiences that were shared as well as the insights into the importance of student-teacher relationships helped to reinforce many of the concepts we were covering in our introductory education courses. The presentation was fact based, interesting, and relevant to our students. Thanks Brad and Tammy for a job well done!
  • Dr. Mark Brunner - Assistant Professor of Education - Young Harris College
  • Dr. Johnson provided wonderful insight to our instructional staff regarding how to best connect with our students utilizing 21st century technology to reach children “where they live” in the cyber age. His approach is based on finding common ground and providing real world relevance when teaching core content skills to students. Dr. Johnson is engaging and supplies an interesting twist when reaching teachers through staff development as well!
  • Dr. Karen Terry - Director of Academic Services - Georgia Cyber Academy
  • "From my years of hosting Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? I have found that learning is most effective when it is fun. Brad Johnson and Tammy McElroy have taken that idea and formatted it in a way to help teachers help students make the most of their valuable classroom time. This can be life-changing for kids."
  • Jeff Foxworthy - Comedian and host of Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?

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