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Tessa Todd Morgan

  • Founder of TRIESSENCE
  • Accredited Trainer in Emotional Intelligence
  • Certified Yoga Teacher

Tessa Todd Morgan is a mindfulness expert, certified yoga instructor, personal growth coach and accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence. As the Founder of TRIESSENCE, Tessa has coached hundreds of individuals and organizations to achieve a balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

In 2003, Tessa began in the professional speaking industry, and was privileged to ... VIEW MORE

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    Did you know? - 4 in 5 workers report job stress, and nearly half say they need help to manage it.- More than 30% ... View More


    A three-part, personal growth plan for leaders or individual contributors Personal growth, empowerment and the ... View More

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    Value-adding additional options: RESET BREAKS (STAND ALONE OR ADD-ON OPTION): Reset breaks can be incorporated as ... View More

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  • Creating a culture that fosters emotional intelligence and promotes overall wellness is critical to the success of any organization. Tessa Todd Morgan provided our organization with the concepts and tools we needed to break free from our unhealthy stress producing tendencies and step into a world of calm focused success. Within a few short days with our team Tessa created a ripple of positive energy that has reverberated through our organizations for months!
  • Josh Witt, Director of Education Sales for North America - Tobii Dynavox
  • Tessa Todd Morgan spoke during our busy season kick off. She opened our eyes to the importance of taking small breaks and how distracted we can become with our technology. She also armed us with coping skills to use every day. We can’t wait to implement small changes to increase our quality of life. Thank you Tessa.
  • Jennifer Sicking – Vice President - KHA Accountants and Advisors , PC
  • Tessa was asked to speak at a seminar to help us “Go Zen”. She shed light on the dangers of chronic stress to our well-being and provided simple techniques to help alleviate anxiety on the spot. Additional lifestyle recommendations would definitely contribute to a healthier, more balanced life experienced in each moment.
  • Laura Mason – Vice President - Texas Association for School Nutrition

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