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Terry Jones

  • Founder/ Former CEO of Travelocity.com
  • Founding Chairman of Kayak.com
  • American Airlines/Sabre CIO

Terry Jones is on the cutting edge of innovation and change. As founder of Travelocity.com, chairman of Kayak.com, and Chief Information Officer at American Airlines/Sabre, Terry has a proven track record of leading companies whose innovations have changed an industry. For the last five years through his consulting practice, as a board member and as a venture capitalist, Terry has ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics

    Leaders are worried. Businesses are being disrupted at an ever increasing pace and technological advances are ... View More

  • The Business of Innovation

    The business of innovation explains real world innovation. This is not an academic exercise but a keynote filled with ... View More

  • Building Digital Relationships

    How will your customer contact you today? In the store, via the phone, on your web site, read a tweet, friend you on ... View More

  • On Innovation- Speech/Breakout

    (keynote and breakout session) Every business needs to innovate, but where do you start? In this presentation, Terry ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Thank you for your generous contribution of time and effort toward the success of our Technology Executives Forum. Our forums will continue to be successful only so long as we are able to invite executives of your stature to participate in our panels.
  • David R. Peters - Richardson Chamber of Commerce
  • . . . Your remarks were inspiring and I'm simply delighted that our technology leaders had the opportunity to glean your insights.
  • Nicholas M. Donofrio - Technology and Manufacturing IBM
  • Reactions from our members indicate that you provoked the thinking of many, especially of those whose work and interests create or must respond to the changing landscape of electronic business opportunities.
  • Peter S. Hauge - Office of the IBM Academy of Technology
Keynote $25,000.00
Terry Jones travels from Lake Tahoe, CA and requires First class for 1

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