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Dr. Tedd Mitchell

Dr. Tedd Mitchell

President of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Health Editor of USA Weekend Magazine and a Member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

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Dallas, Texas, United States
About Dr. Tedd Mitchell

Dr. Tedd Mitchell is the President and CEO of the Cooper Clinic, an internationally recognized center of excellence in preventive medicine. The clinic's founder, Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, coined the phrase aerobics in in 1968, setting off what would become a world wide fitness phenomenon.

Dr. Mitchell was raised in Longview, Texas, as a son of a physician and developed interest in medicine early on in life. Throughout high school Dr. Mitchell excelled in academics as well as athletics, graduating ...

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Move Yourself

Based upon Dr. Mitchell’s book, “Move Yourself” provides audience members with research-based information on the role exercise plays in ...

Fit to Lead

The majority of the U.S. population gets less activity than needed for health, yet the majority of successful executives from Fortune ...

Aging with Attitude

The population of the U.S. has experienced an unprecedented explosion in longevity over the past century. The advent of antibiotics ...

The Heart of Wellness

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in America for both men and women. It also contributes greatly to the stress on our healthcare ...

Dr. Tedd Mitchell is a superb speaker for an executive audience. Bright, conversant, funny and insightful, Dr. Mitchell's approach to the holistic integration of health and leadership can be instantly grasped and put into action by time-starved executives

Joni Thomas Doolin - CEO & Founder, People Report

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Tedd Mitchell for almost 20 years. . . . he has exemplified the ultimate in professionalism, caring concern for his patients, and has developed into an outstanding speaker both to physician and lay audiences.

Kenneth H. Cooper, MD MPH - Chairman & Founder, Cooper Clinic
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