Ted Dintersmith

Ted Dintersmith

  • Executive Producer of Most Likely to Succeed
  • Former Venture Capitalist
  • Advocate for Innovation in Education

Ted Dintersmith is one of America's leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, and education.

Ted's professional experience includes two decades in venture capital, including being ranked by Business 2.0 as the top-performing U.S. venture capitalist for 1995-1999. He served on the Board of the National Venture Capital Association, chairing its Public Policy Committee. From 1981 to ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TEDx: Prepare Our Kids for Life, Not Standardized Tests
Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox
What School Could Be: Insights and Inspiration from Teachers Across America
William & mary Convocation
Tedx: Remix
Speech Topics
  • What School Could Be

    During the 2016 school year, Ted Dintersmith took an unprecedented education road trip that spanned some 1,000 ... View More

  • What Every Businessperson Needs to Know About Education

    Former venture capitalist and entrepreneur Ted Dintersmith knows innovation, and what skillsets and mindsets will ... View More

  • What Every Parent Needs to Know About School

    Parents face hard choices when it comes to school and their children. Do we push our kids to excel in the current ... View More

  • Transforming School

    The Urgency and the Possibility Without profound change in traditional education, most of our current students will ... View More

Text Reviews
  • “Dintersmith’s keynote to our group, which included more than 200 college admissions officers, was inspirational and set the perfect tone for the entire conference.  It was the high point of our meeting (and given that Secretary Arne Duncan spoke on day two, that is saying something)!”
  • James Nondorf, Dean of Admission - University of Chicago
  • “Dintersmith’s keynote to our state’s educational leaders empowered us to begin reimagining our schools for the 21st Century. Our full day with him, which included watching the film Most Likely To Succeed, inspired us to move forward with intentional action of making changes, big and small, to educate our students for their future. He’ll be returning next month for a two-week statewide tour, helping us energize progress all across North Dakota.”
  • Kirsten Baesler, State Superintendent of Public Instruction - North Dakota
  • “If you want to change the conversation, invite Ted Dintersmith to the table! In June, he gave the luncheon address to a diverse group of school leaders, board members and faculty at our Strategic Planning Institute. His passion, intelligence, and wit enlivened an emphatic message that challenges our assumptions about learning and school if we truly intend to prepare kids to thrive in a radically changing world. “
  • Stephanie Rogen, CEO - The Strategic Planning Institute

Ted's Blog

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