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Tan's story immediately captured the imagination of the audience, and the depth of the message she shared proved so inspirational that many people were moved to shared how Tan had impacted upon them emotionally.
Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)
Tan Le was one of six guests discussing future thinking with Edward De Bono. In the company of a former Prime Minister, heads of industry and advertising wizards, she not only held her own but often shone.
Watershed Pictures
Your address was thought-provoking, and very well received by the assembled Rotarians. Your words and the manner in which you delivered them were an inspiration to all of those present.
Rotary International
Tan Le is a very articulate young woman with great presentation skills. We have had a very positive response to the lecture with many requests for her to be a speaker at various functions.
The Victoria Women's Council
Tan is an exceptional speaker whose outlook on life is truly inspirational and motivating.
QANTAS Airways Ltd