Dr. Tami West

Dr. Tami West

Dr. Tami West cannot diagnose or treat your skin rash. She's not that kind of doctor. She can't refill your thyroid medicine or perform your colonoscopy - not that kind of doctor either!

What kind of doctor is she? The kind who became a PhD solely to help others live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Tami's experiences working in hospitals, physician's offices, research labs, public schools, corporate sales, and the school nutrition industry provide her insights that she uses to help others improve their personal and professional lives. Her undergraduate degrees in science and education, as well as her doctoral research in human development, uniquely equip her to teach audiences new information - not the same old stuff.

Her passion stems from her battle with anxiety disorder that initiated her dedication to helping others. Her clients come from all walks of life. Danbury Federal Prison inmates (the setting of the Netflix Emmy-winning series Orange is the New Black, as well as the prison home for Martha Stewart and Real Housewife Teresa Garduci) found Tami to be genuine and real. Social Security Administration senior management called her a true professional and fantastic at what she does!

Dr. West's publications include The Stress Club: Stop participating, take your power back, and start living your own life, Life Without the Monsters, and A Woman's Guide to Personal Achievement and Professional Success.

She has spoken for groups in 48 states across the US, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. When she's not speaking or writing, you might find her with her husband at the beach, reading historical fiction, at Disneyland, or watching Big Bang Theory.

Tami is always real, completely transparent, totally sincere, and consistently surprising. She will make you laugh, cry, and shine a refreshingly new light on life's challenges.

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