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Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships
Relationships matter, in both our personal and professional lives. Conventional wisdom tells us that “it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.” But how do you get to know the rightpeople? In this high-impact keynote, Talent Anarchy reveals to the audience the awesome power of Social...
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Keeping it Real
The What, Why and How of Authentic Leadership In this hyper-connected, global, short attention span world we live in today, finding success in leading other people requires a different approach. Individualization is the dominant trend of the day. People want everything customized to their...
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Un-Management: Confronting the Inconvenient Truth about Innovation
Your organization is probably talking about innovation. You may even be investing in programs and initiatives with the aim to create more innovation. There is no doubt regarding its importance. Innovation is survival. But, is it actually happening? In this provocative keynote, you will gain a...
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HackLab: Pursuing Progress Through Deviation
Innovation isn’t about big changes. And it doesn’t even require a big budget, a big title, or any permission. The changes that matter don’t happen overnight, they are the result of a lot of small, meaningful changes over time. Computer programmers and hackers have used this approach for years and...
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