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Susan Geffen

Susan Geffen, Aging Susan Geffen, Aging
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Susan Geffen

"The Elder Care Guru" and Author of "Take That Nursing Home and Shove It"

About Susan Geffen

Susan was born on the south side of Chicago and after the riots in the 1960's, moved to Morton Grove. She moved to California to attend law school.

She was a civil rights attorney for many years advocating for elderly and disabled clients.

After teaching as an Elder Law Professor at Loyola Law School and serving as in- house counsel for a major nursing home corporation based in Southern California, Susan received her Master's Degree in Gerontology from the University of Southern California.

Susan ...

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The New Way To Get Rich In America. Stealing from your parents.

Currently writing a book on this subject, Susan has received calls and worked with dozens of families who have been experiencing a child of an elderly parent stealing from them. This is an epidemic in the ...

Aging with Dignity. Navigating the challenges of aging in America.

Betty Davis once said, “Getting old isn’t for sissies.” She’s right. In addition to the physical and cognitive challenges, one must have the financial where with all to afford the care they need as they ...

Why nursing homes are the last place you want to end up

Susan wrote, “Take that nursing home and shove it!” because she became convinced that nursing homes are the last place anyone wants to end up at the end of their lives. Most are under staffed, and have ...

Latest Book

Take That Nursing Home and Shove It!: How to Secure an Independent Future for Yourself and Your Loved Ones. by Susan Geffen
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How To Stop Alzheimer's Dead In Its Tracks

At the conference, I took the opportunity to go to as many presentations on this topic as possible so that I could report back to you. The good news is that while Alzheimer's is an age related disease, it ...

Elder Abuse…It happens in the darndest places

In this family there are five daughters who lost their mother last year. Their father, 89, (Mr. "H";) has since taken up with a 33 year old woman here on a Matricula Consular ID Card. This is an ...