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Susan Dentzer

  • Analyst for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
  • Network for Excellence in Health Innovation
  • Global Expert on Healthcare and Policy

Susan Dentzer is CEO at Network for Excellence in Health Innovation. In this role, she works closely with foundation leaders to carry out the organizational mission of improving the health and health care of all Americans. One of the nation's most respected health and health policy thought leaders and journalists, she is also an on-air analyst on health issues on the PBS NewsHour. ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Susan Dentzer - Healthcare
HL7 Conference
Villanova Lecture - Susan Dentzer
Speech Topics
  • Healthcare

    Dentzer speaks on a wide variety of topics in health care arena including the impact and future of the Affordable ... View More

  • Social Security

    Dentzer has followed closely the on-going debate over reforming Social Security over the years. She speaks ... View More

  • The Federal Budget

    Dentzer has followed federal fiscal policy for over two decades, from the era of federal budget deficits to surpluses ... View More

  • Higher Education

    Dentzer is chair of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees and has a longstanding interest in higher education. She speaks ... View More

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  • Susan was exceptional. She is very knowledgeable and provided our attendees with great information and discussion. She was very cordial and met all our time lines.
  • Tom S. - Walgreens
  • Our event went very well and as for Susan—wonderful! She is such a gracious person and an engaging speaker. She received very high ratings—her material was very well received and relevant to the audience. We so appreciated her attendance.
  • Your insightful and thoughtful remarks and your candor responding to questions brought precisely the type of focus we hoped would transpire during the Conference morning session. The attendee evaluations of the Conference were uniform in their praise of your good work and that of fellow Panel members. Our constituents in the business community simply cannot ignore the imperative of health care reform communicated by your clear-headed thinking and the understated, yet forceful manner in which you chose to convey that message. You are a most gracious and kind person. I wish you best of luck going forward and I will keep Health Affairs on my short list of 'must read' policy journals.
  • Kelley School of Business - Indiana University

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