Steven Khoury

Steven Khoury

  • Not a day has gone by since the conference that you all have not been on my heart & we are bound to you in a way you probably can't understand unless you know what we have been through Thank you for your prayer during the Lord's supper for boldness.
  • Sondra & Jeff - VOM Conference 2008
  • Thank you for your inspiring statements. You have very rare talent from God, your easy fire touches souls and I pray you keep strength. . . . God protect your family through persecution. Bless you, my young brother.
  • Maarit - Finland
  • Just finished your book and I wanted to tell you how awesome it is. You're a very courageous man and present encouragement for the believer to share their faith anywhere at anytime with anyone. Thank you!
  • Matt McNeese - First Baptist Church of Callahan, FL

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Steven Khoury travels from Tel Aviv and requires round trip coach airfare and hotel lodging for one.

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