Steven Khoury
Steven Khoury
Israeli Arab Author, Pastor & Vice President of Holy Land Missions


“Growing up on the Mission field for twenty years has not only taught me the life of a missionary but also the struggles and battles of every believer.

God has burdened my heart in a great way. He has shown me that Arabs can come to salvation; He has shown me that Jews can come to the MESSIAH, and that the people in Israel are losing hope in life. Seeing people bleed every day, and seeing a person one day and gone the next because of violence has made me appreciate life.”

Throughout the entire country of Israel there is only 15,000 born again Christians who are daily persecuted by the other two dominating religions. Pastor Steven has seen church members attacked, discriminated against, and lose of income all for the sake of the Gospel. Several believers under his ministry have been martyred, including his own uncle, and several youth girls who invited children to VBS. Persecution has always faced Pastor Steven’s life growing up as an Arab pastor during the intifadas'.

Today, Pastor Steven is the Vice President of Holy Land Missions. Which has been reaching...


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We had the privilege of hearing your testimony at the recent VOM conference. I just finished the book, and it has really affected my perspective, as the whole conference did. My husband is reading it now, and can't put it down. You see people and have no clue about the depths that they carry around in their hearts. We feel it was such a privilege to even be in the same room with you and all the other bold believers there. I have always agonized about how to share the gospel, afraid of offending people. But I realize, it IS offensive, and there's no way around that. It offends the human ego. But your book also did something else, as well as your testimony. It is very easy to find Christians in the U.S. who support Israel, and Messianic Jews. I feel ashamed for never acknowledging all of God's children in Israel, and your stories are overwhelming. Not a day has gone by since the conference that you all have not been on my heart and we are bound to you in a way you probably can't understand unless you know what we have been through Thank you so much for your prayer during the Lord's supper for boldness. This is the thing I desire above all else right now. If you felt you had to go home and make up for wasted years, I could not possibly live long enough to make up for all the time I have wasted. But forgetting those things which were behind ... we press forward.

Sondra & Jeff, VOM Conference 2008

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