Steven Eastaugh

Steven Eastaugh, Health & Wellness, Healthcare Policy, Healthcare, Health Care Technology Steven Eastaugh, Health & Wellness, Healthcare Policy, Healthcare, Health Care Technology

Steven Eastaugh Speech Topics

Enhancing Productivity
Enhancing productivity better balances all factors of service delivery to get the greatest output for the least input effort. The best productivity programs are rapid, large in scale, cost beneficial, and provide benchmarks for assessing future performance. Programs that focus on the activities...
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Strategic Marketing in Selecting Your Service-Mix
Do not confuse bad performance with destiny. You can improve your position with the right management and incentives. One must manage risk in today’s rapidly changing marketplace by surveying product, place, price, and promotion. The benefits and costs of both specialization and diversification...
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Future Options for Healthcare Reform
Our past solutions are our current problems. The consumer marketplace system encourages demand and diversity, whereas the control system leads to uniformity and possibly rationing. American business is increasingly looking to Europe and Asia for global budget strategies to contain price,...
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Will Managed Care Evolve or Wither?
Physicians and patients are increasingly dissatisfied with managed care. Some HMOs and PPOs have made the ultimate cost sacrifice by simply closing down. In order to survive, managed care must improve customer relations, trim paperwork, develop new service-lines, and utilize life-cycle costing....
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Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Value of Life & Limb
Cost-benefit analysis becomes critical as the cost of new biomedical technology skyrockets beyond any recent projections. A good analysis must: (1) make the evaluation as complex as necessary, (2) assign values to resources that reflect their opportunity costs, (3) avoid zero counting of...
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areer Development in STEM Science Technology Engineering & Math
Dr. Eastaugh tracks caree options in the STEM field based on his 38 years as a University professor, and his own career experience since being a winner in the Westinghouse STS Science Talent Search in 1970 as a high school senior. In 2016 Dr. Eastaugh was the keynote for the 75th Annual Intel...
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Science and Public Policy
Demands are infinite, whereas resources are finite, and science offers help in solving the critical issues facing mankind. Science in the modern world can enhance quality of life, reduce the risks of climate change and enhance productivity and efficiency. But science must also address the risks,...
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