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Steven Eastaugh

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Steven Eastaugh was a professor of health economics, finance, and health care management for 37 years at Cornell University and George Washington University. Four thousand health care managers and leaders in the United States and around the world have had their careers shaped in part by Professor Eastaugh. The author of nine books and more than 90 journal articles, Dr. Eastaugh is ... VIEW MORE

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  • Enhancing Productivity

    Enhancing productivity better balances all factors of service delivery to get the greatest output for the least ... View More

  • Strategic Marketing in Selecting Your Service-Mix

    Do not confuse bad performance with destiny. You can improve your position with the right management and ... View More

  • Future Options for Healthcare Reform

    Our past solutions are our current problems. The consumer marketplace system encourages demand and diversity, ... View More

  • Will Managed Care Evolve or Wither?

    Physicians and patients are increasingly dissatisfied with managed care. Some HMOs and PPOs have made the ultimate ... View More

Text Reviews
  • I have known Steve for almost 30 years and there is no academic who is more dynamic and insightful speaker. He has a rare ability to make complex topics accessible to wide audiences.
  • Lee H. Perlman, President, - GNYHA Ventures, Inc.
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