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Steve Russell

  • Leader in the Hunt & Capture of Saddam
  • US Congressman 2015-2019
  • Leadership and Teamwork Expert

Steve Russell brings unique experiences perhaps like no other when it comes to leadership. Whether serving as a soldier, national speaker, critically acclaimed author, small business leader or serving the public as a US Congressman, Steve Russell draws on his varied and enormous wealth of experiences to convey what it takes to build teams, lead them and get things done.

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Speaker Media

Sacred Honor
Capturing Saddam Hussein
Civility in Politics
Speech Topics
  • Leading in Times of Trouble

    How do you deal with adversity and how can you provide vision in times of great stress and trouble? How can you ... View More

  • Overlapping Circles: The Art of Negotiating the Impossible

    How do you identify non-negotiables? How do you find common ground? How do you bring two sides together that hate ... View More

  • Building Teams, Leading Them, Getting Stuff Done

    How do you build teams to accomplish tasks when they look impossible? How do you make tough decisions when the stakes ... View More

  • The Hunt & Capture of Saddam Hussein

    Learn how Saddam's shadowy network was discovered and how soldiers picked up the trail that led all the way to the ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Steve has a unique ability to captivate the audience, keep their attention, and bring them into the events as though they were actually there. Steve‚Äôs passion, leadership, and integrity shine through. Steve is a must hear for those who love freedom.
  • Greg Williams - Protocol Commandant of Cadets - United State Air Force Academy
  • The event with Steve Russell went great! He did an awesome job and had great feedback from the audience. We are very pleased!
  • George McGovern - Scout Executive - Boy Scouts of America
  • "Well, our surveys say it was the best symposium we have hosted. No one left early, which is a tribute to Steve. He was our last speaker. I even had to chase people away from him who wanted to say thank you for your service, ask for an autograph, or picture or just shake his hand, so he could get to his plane. We thought Steve was great! He is genuine. His picture slides were good to be able to relate his words to the real scene. "
  • Mary Adams - US Army

Steve's Blog

Capture of Saddam Hussein...
Written by Phil Cross It has been ten years since the former president of Iraq spent his final days of freedom hidden out on...

Lt. Col. Steve Russell Calls Veterans...
Lt. Col. Steve Russell served 21-years in the United States Army and was a driving force behind the capture of Saddam Hussein...

Leadership Under Fire [INTERVIEW]
Skype Interview with Director of Spreaker Relations, Shawn Hanks Lt. Col.Steve Russellbreaks down the neccessiti...

Q&A: Steve Russell on Capturing...
Lieutenant Colonel Steve Russell commanded the unit that was a central player in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein. LTC Ru...

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