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Steve Donahue

  • Change & Engagement Expert
  • Sahara Adventurer
  • Bestselling Author and Story Guru 

Telling the tale of his daring desert odyssey - Steve Donahue unpacks the secrets of the Epic Story as a leadership tool. His research reveals how to achieve epic results by energizing culture and careers with this classic narrative.

Steve has an epic story from the Sahara. Leaders need one too. Learn to thrive on your shifting sands of change with the same story-based system that ... VIEW MORE

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  • Tell an Epic Story - 5 Minutes a Day to Greatness

    People want more than a job. They want to feel like heroes and heroines on a noble quest. Steve Donahue deciphers the ... View More

  • Lead Epic Change - Face the Future Fearlessly

    In a world of change one thing is constant - The Epic Story. Its structure has remained intact for 4,000 years ... View More

  • Build An Epic Team - Triumph Together

    The Iliad and the Odyssey are epic stories. So is Kung Fu Panda. Epic stories have created committed companions since ... View More

  • Epic Conference Theme- Weaver - Make Your Meeting Magical

    Every conference tells a story. Take charge of your narrative with Steve Donahue's Theme-Weaver. He attends your ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Steve was the glue that held our conference together and helped make it our best ever. Never have I seen a speaker receive such high scores!
  • Ross Gilchrist, Vice-President - TWC Financial
  • Given all the changes our leadership team has gone through this conference was very important. I know that a piece of Steve’s story will stay with each attendee and assist them as they move forward.
  • Mary Dunn, Senior Mgr. - Mbanx Direct
  • We all found the session incredibly moving and inspiring. I have seldom come across such unanimously enthusiastic feedback.
  • Tom Band, Vice-President - Rogers Communications

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3 Quick Questions With Steve Donahue
Written by Premiere Senior Vice President, Brian Lord. For 3 Quick Questions, I email the speaker with a question, they respon...

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Steve Donahue travels from BC and requires $1,500 airfare/ground + 1- 2 days meals and accommodation

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