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Follow Your Star
This week I was reading the by Roy Williams (the great marketing genius) and he was talking about the STAR. Following Your STAR is about believing! YOU NEED A NORTH STAR THAT IS PULLING YOU IN IT'S DIRECTION. This becomes the journey we are on. I believe I'm supposed to "help others get from where they are now to whe...
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Your Craft
My friend Ben Ortlip says Culture is about craft, community, and cause. Today, let's focus on craft… In order to love or enjoy your job, you have to see a way to get better at your craft. There needs to be something you can get better at. A lot of people are in jobs where they just go through the motions or don't see why they should get better a...
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Poverty to Prosperity
We all have Poverty in our DNA. Somewhere down the line, someone was poor, yet broke through the clutter to move their family forward. Sometimes, maybe generations later, some of us sink back into a poverty mindset and lifestyle. Have you recently sunk back into a poverty mindset? You can get out of a low income/low esteem situation by doing s...
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Who Are Your Top 100?
Who are the Top 100 people in your COMMUNITY that you should meet that could change your LIFE? They don't have to be people that you can make money off of! Just getting out there and meeting others and letting them know you are open for business is the start of getting more referrals and contacts. Remember that you are meeting them because you a...
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Are You Good At What You Do?
When I coach people I ask them about their uniqueness. Everybody says I'm good at what I do. I take care of my customers, I care and want to make sure the other guys don't give them a bad product or take them to the cleaners. AND GUESS WHAT? Everyone of us feels that way but that is not what uniqueness is about. Most of them are as good as you. ...
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Go Out On A Limb
Go out on a limb in your business. Don't be the tree. Everybody else is the tree. Be different. Do something the others don't. Research the needs of your customer – their wants and desires and “water” their tree. Then give it to them better than anyone else. Go out on that limb!
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What's Your Dream?
On Monday, we celebrated an American Icon, Martin Luther King Jr. He is known for his famous “I Have A Dream” speech which is attached below. I challenge you to watch that video and hear his words. He spoke of his goals for the future and had a plan to achieve them! After you’ve watched the video, I want you to think about this… What is your dre...
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It's Hard to Keep Up with Millennials!
Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) says when we were kids, advertising was pretty much all TV and radio. Companies would run an ad and run it several times a day for several weeks and then slowly taper it off. But now 50% of those eyeballs are on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, etc, but nobody is running several ads a day like they used...
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Let Me Help You!
People are always asking me for my ‘tips and tricks’ on how I have kept my business growing for over 20 years. My answer to them is simple…. LET ME COME TEACH YOU HOW! I host workshops, coaching sessions (one-on-one or group), and speak at company events as their keynote speaker. I enjoy helping others learn how to build their referral business,...
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Post-Holiday Syndrome
After being with family through most of this holiday season, most of us are on a “high” from family time. As the holidays are coming to a close, I believe you can keep up that spirit ALL YEAR! Watch below for more…
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