Steve Beecham

Steve Beecham is President of Home Town Mortgage in Alpharetta, GA and an author and speaker who shares his techniques for helping companies and individuals succeed in business through networking...

Get What You Want

Several times a day you ask people to go along with you. You're asking them to trust you, believe in you or like your idea.

Here are some examples of typical situations that require trust or buy-in from customers:

  • Financial Advisor - Recommends moving money from one area to another
  • Insurance Agent - Suggests adding a new type of coverage
  • Real Estate Agent - Wants to change the way the house is staged
  • Attorney - Presents a recommended course of action
  • Banking/Mortgage Lender - Offers their best program and rate

How effective are you at getting your customers to go along with you?

If you could use a little help in that area, here's an important first step. Start the conversation KNOWING they will believe you and trust you enough to take your recommendation. First you have to believe that is true and then tell yourself they know it’s true too.

According to Bob Burg, author of The Art of Persuasion, "When you predetermine someone's actions in your own mind, you then take on the corresponding attitude. In other words, if you expect them to be kind and helpful, you project gratitude. People act toward you the way you EXPECT them to."

Make it a habit to set your expectations before going in - wherever it is you're going.

I know you're going to trust me on this one.

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