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A Deep Dive on Company Culture

We have been talking about leadership for years. The next great corporate frontier is creating great culture. The younger workforce will demand it and the boomers are looking for the fulfillment that it will provide.

Understanding culture is like understanding Maslow's Law. First, are my basic needs being met? Do I have enough food and water? I need that before I can look further. In the office, the basic questions might be Does the copier work? Do I have a safe place to park? Is my salary adequate?

Next, we need direction. What is expected of me? What are my boundaries? Can I grow here?

Then, good leadership is required. Am I being mentored to get better? Is the company vision clear? Do I know what my part is in moving the company forward?

When you have all that down, you'll know where your company stands. Then you can begin to work on changing the culture.

Culture is simply Craft, Cause and Community.

Craft: Am I working in an area that allows me to get better at what I do?

Cause: Is there a sense of purpose with what we are doing? Am I in the right seat on the bus?

Community: Is there a sense of community in this tribe we have built? Do we love and respect each other?

If you love this topic like I do, watch my interview with Culture Rock Star Ben Ortlip. It's a deep dive.


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