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Carl began his time at Premiere in 2009 and enjoys growing his relationships with professional event planners and non-profit organizations to better assist them in finding the perfect speaker for their event. He married his childhood sweetheart and is the proud father of two young daughters. When outside the office, Carl can be found making things out of wood or growing veggies in his garden.

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10 Truths and a lie

Here are 10 facts about Carl that you many not know...and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Carl to find out.

1. I made a hole-in-one in a golf tournament.
2. Married my childhood sweetheart.
3. While playing basketball for my high school's team, I shot on the wrong goal. Thankfully I'm so bad that I missed!
4. I like planning trips more than taking them.
5. Although I can't, I love singing.
6. Once held the role of gourmet ice cream chef where I invented many delicious flavors.
7. I used to dream of being a horse farmer, until one day when I had a chance to actually work on a horse farm...
8. Favorite sport ever, was rowing crew in college.
9. I was classically educated in high school.
10. I live in Nashville, but I hardly ever listen to music.
11. Buying a fixer-upper is not as much fun as it looks on TV.

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