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Since January 2000, Brian has been with Premiere, currently as president, as well as hosting the Beyond Speaking Podcast ( He’s been interviewed by the BBC, Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post, and was chosen as one of Nashville’s 40 Under 40. He and his wife Krista live in Franklin with two tween daughters and newborn boy/girl twins. Brian coaches softball, competes in triathlons and works with several nonprofits. Brian has a political science degree from DePauw University.

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10 Truths and a lie

Here are 10 facts about Brian that you many not know...and one lie. Want to know which one isn't true? Email Brian to find out.

1. Started shaving at age 11
2. Can do any job at Home Depot.
3. Used to draw a cartoon strip that was read in 3 countries
4. Wishes he was an Indiana Jones- Jason Bourne hybrid
5. Wants to visit every continent
6. Training for a half Ironman triathlon
7. Cannot roller- or ice-skate
8. Ancestors sold West Point to George Washington
9. Mistakenly thought he invented "The Running Man" in 1989
10. Got certified as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
11. First business was designing and selling paper airplanes (10 cents each) at age 8

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