Stacey DeWitt

Stacey DeWitt

  • Founder and CEO of Connect with Kids
  • Advocate for Education Change
  • Producer of Emmy-Award Winning Documentary

In 1998, Stacey founded Atlanta-based Connect with Kids to support her passion for helping children. Stacey is a former child advocate with the juvenile justice system, an attorney, and a television journalist. Parents tell us her talks are encouraging, compelling and right on target. Connect with Kids produces news, television programs and parenting DVDs focused on the issues children face every day. The programs have won Emmys and Parents' Choice Awards, and have been featured on the Dr. Phil Show, Good Morning America, CNN and more. The DVDs are also used in thousands of schools across the country.

During each inspiring workshop, Stacey provides a viewing of one of Connect with Kids' award-winning half-hour DVDs -- programs that feature real children sharing the true challenges they've faced and the dreams they've achieved with advice and solutions from the country's top experts. Stacey has been the executive producer of more than 100 Connect with Kids DVDs -- giving parents a glimpse into the lives of children and what they can do to help their kids make good decisions.

Whatever your youth topic, Stacey can address it with experience, compassion, real solutions and a common sense approach to parenting. After all, Stacey and her husband, Sam, are also the parents of a pre-teen son and a teenager daughter. Stacey not only talks about the important roles parents play, she tries to live it each day!

Keynote $5,000.00
Half Day $7,500.00
Full Day $10,000.00
Stacey DeWitt travels from Atlanta, Georgia and requires Coach Class for 1

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