Sonya Jones

Sonya Jones

  • Contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser
  • Featured on the cover of US Weekly
  • Coach, Educator, Administrator

Sonya Jones captured the attention and hearts of viewers with her positive outlook, tremendous work ethic and upbeat attitude during her tenure on NBC's TV Show The Biggest Loser. Sonya was the only female finalist in the show's 16th season and lost the show by only .01%, which was the closest loss in the show's history.

Before becoming a contestant on the show, Sonya admits that she struggled with self-worth, self- confidence and had self-hatred. She had been overweight her entire life and was determined to make a change. As an elementary physical education teacher, Sonya knew she should be the model of health and fitness. Instead Sonya stood on the scale feeling embarrassed and like a hypocrite at 283 pounds in June 2014. 6 months later Jones stepped onto the scale and into the hearts of millions of Americans as she dropped a whopping 144 pounds and had lost 50.9% of her body weight.

Sonya Jones earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education at Greenville College in Greenville, IL. She was a 2X Collegiate All-American in Fastpitch Softball, a semi-professional athlete and had also earned Masters Degrees in Educational Leadership and Educational Administration from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Sonya's journey on The Biggest Loser has been the journey of a lifetime. Her desire to "pay it forward" has her encouraging, motivating and inspiring people all over the country. Through her master story telling, sense of humor and ability to connect with any audience, she will show you how you can find worth in your life and joy in your journey. Sonya confesses that as she was shrinking physically, she was growing exponentially mentally, emotionally and spiritually and cannot wait to share those experiences.

Sonya has been featured on the cover of US Weekly, in the TV Guide and in The Biggest Loser's own Book-A-Zine. She has been awarded Security Bank's 2015 Women of Influence and has spoken to thousands of people across the country.

Sonya's communication style will have you crying tears of laughter and joy while also tugging at your heartstrings as she empowers you to fall in love with your life and yourself. As a coach by profession, it is one of Sonya's goals in life to help you believe that you can accomplish more than you ever hoped dreamed or imagined! Not only will she give you the tools to succeed, she will also give you the belief that you can succeed. Through her personal experience of shedding the weight physically and but growing in every other area of her life, she will inspire to you be the best version of you that you can be.

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