Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong

  • Chef
  • Nutritionist
  • Lifestyle Motivator

Think about hiring Jamie Oliver, Anthony Robbins and Dr. Andrew Weil in one tiny blonde power pack!

Sherry Strong is and chef, nutritionist and dynamic lifestyle motivator. Sherry, formerly twice her current size has spent over 20 years in the study of human nutrition, food and wellness. In doing this, she has discovered the secrets of vitality, youth, stress management and ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Recipe for Life Success

    The quality of ingredients you put into life determine the finished product. Cook and play with Sherry as she shows ... View More

  • Taking Care of Your Number One Business Asset – You!

    Learn how to take care of you when the in tray is too high, you are traveling from one place to another and trying ... View More

  • Smarter, Calmer, Happier and Energized in 30 minutes

    Learn the super foods and habits that will energize you, make you happy, calm and increase brain function that can ... View More

  • The Secrets of the Anti Diet

    If you are tired of dieting, spending your life at the gym, getting colds, feeling sick or energy zapped, not waking ... View More

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  • Thank you for presenting over the 2 days of our Reach leaders camp. . . . What you managed to do today was make them realize that their bodies do matter. . . . You gave them choice and let them make the decision. You are passionate about what you do.
  • Jim Stynes - Reach Foundation
  • Sherry was awe-inspiring and really funny, relevant to us both personally and professionally, informative, motivating, practical and entertaining. What an eye opener, easily understood with some simple tips to take on board.
  • Lisa Cahill - The Body Shop
  • Sherry, through a wonderful fun loving and informative presentation, engages the audience, plays with them, and brings them to a place of actually wanting to improve their own lives. Watch and listen to Sherry and it will improve your life.
  • WMitchell - WMitchell
Non Profit $4,000.00
Local Keynote $5,000.00
Half Day $5,500.00
Full Day $6,500.00
Keynote $8,000.00
Sherry Strong travels from Melbourne, Victoria and requires Coach within Australia Business outside Australia

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