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Shar McBee


Shar McBee had never received leadership training when she was suddenly put in charge of managing 500 people. It was hard, and she was only 26 years old. Then a wise mentor taught her a secret that made it easy to get people to say YES.

A broadcast journalist, Shar left her job at CBS News and spent 10 years doing volunteer work all over the world. Working with (and supervising) ... VIEW MORE

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Leadership with a Yoga Twist
Nonprofit Leadership - Us & Them
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  • Joy of Leadership

    The funny thing about laughter is that it’s no joke. It’s a genuine leadership technique. Why are the favorite U.S. ... View More

  • Triple Your Membership & Double Your Donations

    TO LEAD IS TO SERVE is a simple leadership method that will win you far-reaching support and help you attract ... View More

  • Speech Topics

    • NEW! Leadership with a Twist of Yoga • Leadership & Creativity for Women • To Lead is to Serve • To Lead is to Laugh • ... View More

Text Reviews
  • That speech transformed my thinking about leadership. With all the projects I have going on in the city, I don't plan anything without using Shar McBee's principles.
  • Kathy Cordray - Junior League of Columbus
  • Shar McBee thrilled the room, even with First Lady Laura Bush in the audience."
  • Sandra Bloodworth - CEO of Any Event, Anytime, Anywhere, Inc.
  • Shar is creative, out of the box and incredibly energizing.
  • Laurie Marks - RCA Records

Shar's Blog

Leadership is About Positioning
Leadership is about positioning. Not only your own, but how you position others as well. Leadership and yoga have a lot in c...

All things come to the person who is modest and kind in a high position. I Ching The post Abundance appeared first on Shar McBe...

Stability Before Mobility
If you ask for something before you have established relations, you will not get it. If you are unbalanced, others will not co...

Hard Times? Push Up Through the Muck
If you spend your time talking about your problems, you might as well dive into a swamp, submerge yourself in slime, and thro...

2 Tips from Joan Rivers
Do you have a passive aggressive co-worker? 2 tips from Joan Rivers's life: Johnny Carson was angry at her and handled i...

Are You Bossy? Or Are You The Boss?
Sinead O’Connor’s new album makes me wonder if you remember the story about how I learned the lesson of "To Lead is to Serve...

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