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Shannon Bream

  • Anchor of FOX News Channel's FOX News @ Night
  • Chief Legal Correspondent for the Fox News

Shannon Bream is the anchor of Fox News @ Night and Chief Legal Correspondent for the Fox News Channel. She's covered numerous political campaigns, landmark Supreme Court decisions and Washington scandals. Before entering the world of media, she was a lawyer specializing in race discrimination and sexual harassment cases. She is an Honors graduate of the Florida State University ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Liberty University Commencement
Speech Topics
  • From Presidential Power to Retirement Rumors: What’s happening at the US Supreme Court?

    From immigration to taxation, the Court is wading through a busy docket full of headline-making cases this Term. ... View More

  • Washington Lowdown

    Shannon has covered the ins and outs of DC for 14 years, and has the inside track on what's happening from the White ... View More

  • Strength Through Adversity

    From being fired from her first tv job to living with a disease that left her in chronic pain, Shannon has leaned on ... View More

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