Sergio Zyman NSB

Sergio Zyman

  • Put The Fizz Back in Coca-Cola's Fortunes
  • Sales Specialist
  • International Best Selling Author

"Selling more stuff to more people more often for more money more efficiently " defines marketing success for Sergio Zyman, the man who put the fizz back in Coca-Cola's fortunes, founded a preeminent marketing strategy firm, and authored four books, including two international best-sellers. Oh, and he was named one of the Top Three marketing pitchmen of the 20th century by Time ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • A Down Economy: The Lazy Marketers Lame Excuse

    Customer confidence is in the tank; cost cutting is in vogue; geo-political uncertainties remain; non-traditional ... View More

  • Private Equity: It’s Not About “Managing the Business”

    Changes in external factors are driving new challenges for the private equity industry, forcing it to move beyond ... View More

  • Accelerate Profitable Growth by Renovating Before You Innovate

    Many companies rely too heavily on innovation to solve their problems. When a brand gets old or tired, the impulse is ... View More

  • How Companies Can Meaningfully Market to Hispanics

    Everyone knows that Hispanics make up a large, growing, and increasingly wealthy demographic, but very few companies ... View More

Keynote $30,000.00
West Coast Keynote $35,000.00
International Fee $50,000.00
Sergio Zyman travels from Miami, Florida and requires First class for 1

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