Honourable Sergio Marchi

Honourable Sergio Marchi Honourable Sergio Marchi

Honourable Sergio Marchi Speech Topics

International Economy, Trade, and Investment
- discuss the global and national economic trends - identify and explain key issues at play - role of private companies and governments in this regard, and their opportunities and challenges - For example : • economic climate • debt crisis • emerging developing country phenomenon • economic...
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International Affairs
- Geo-political analysis of the political issues and trends confronting the international economy - Lessons to learn - Strategic options For example: • Arab Spring • US election • China, and its relationship with the West • EU/US transatlantic relationship • Development policy
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- Identify and explain the central characteristics of strong, effective leadership - Qualities of personal leadership examples, utilizing my experiences with different leaders in my public and private sector responsibilities - Motivational speaking and communications Lends itself also to smaller...
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Global Migration
- Outlining and explaining the global migration reality, its trends, and its challenges - Explaining the role of the leading international institutions involved - Discussing the politics of migration - Discussing the management and global governance of migration
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WTO and International Trade Regime Briefings
Based on my former roles as Canadian Minister of International Trade, WTO Ambassador, and Chairman of the WTO Council, I have provided detailed, strategic briefings for Boards, Companies, and Organizations For example: • How the WTO operates • Identifying key players, both Members (i.e....
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