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A home run with Dan!
3 Reviews · 2 Videos
Life-long Entrepreneur, Regular contributor on Fox News Radio, Keynote Speaker and Author
Bobby Albert led the Albert Companies to unprecedented growth--and he did so during one of the most challenging economic periods of our lifetime....
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Economist, Philosopher and Social Critic
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"Many in the scholarly, religious, and political field praise Jeremy Rifkin for a willingness to think big, raise controversial questions, and ...
1 Review · 2 Videos
District of Columbia  
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The Hero Effect: Making a Difference When It Matters the Most!
Latest Review
My text messages and emails will not stop with appreciation and praise! You exceeded everyone's expectations. I am incredibly appreciative of you ...
28 Reviews · 3 Videos
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At 335 pounds, Sue Reynolds' couldn't walk a block, fit in a restaurant booth, or even tie her own shoes. After failing one diet after another, she...
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Author of the #1 NYT Best-Seller Essentialism
Latest Review
I had many comments over the past 24 hours on how much your comments resonated with the group. I’m feeling great about the impact your content ...
7 Reviews · 4 Videos
Master of Influence and Persuasion, Author The Best Selling “Exactly” Book Series, and “Most listened to” Audiobook of 2018 Producer
Latest Review
Phil is not only a masterful storyteller and coach, but he spent time with us to genuinely learn our business. His presentation was tailored on ...
21 Reviews · 10 Videos
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Humor Engineer, Best Selling Author and Former Project Manager at Procter & Gamble
Latest Review
Andrew has an amazing program which he makes even more outstanding through customization.
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
New York  
Olympic Gold Medalist; Goalie, 1980 U.S. "Miracle on Ice" Hockey Team; Sales and Marketing Executive, Entrepreneur
Latest Review
I had a number of people throughout the meeting saying, 'I can't wait to get back and get going . . . We are going to kick the crap out of our ...
6 Reviews · 6 Videos
TED Speaker. Author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness
Latest Review
Shawn Achor is a talented and engaging speaker. I highly recommend Shawn Achor as both a speaker and an author. I am happier as a result of ...
4 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Former CIA Chief of Disguise, Author, Speaker
Jonna Hiestand Mendez is a retired CIA intelligence officer with 27 years of service, living under cover and serving tours of duty in Europe, South...
5 Videos
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