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Five-time tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, NY Times bestselling author and venture capitalist.
Latest Review
I again want to tell you how inspiring your words were. Your passion was absolutely magnetic.
48 Reviews · 6 Videos
Founder of RainmakerThinking, Inc. and Top Expert on Leadership Development and Generational Issues in the Workplace
Latest Review
Bruce Tulgan was educated as a lawyer, but discovered his real passion in the study of how people work and manage. Bruce brings that passion to ...
11 Reviews · 10 Videos
President of Broyhill Leadership Conference, Comedic Motivator, Inspirational Speaker
Latest Review
Michael was outstanding, funny, animated, passionate and very professional. He helped close the show and was the buzz for hours after the ...
4 Reviews · 1 Video
North Carolina  
Global business strategist, bestselling author and expert on radical innovation
Latest Review
Rowan Gibson's motivation and leadership have changed the dynamics of our organization.
8 Reviews · 4 Videos
Six Time Ironman Triathlon World Champion
Latest Review
Your comments were right in line with our mission, and your words of wisdom helped set the stage for driving strong growth in 2007 and beyond.
8 Reviews · 5 Videos
Founder of Digital Royalty and Social Media Expert
Latest Review
Her stories are incredible and the takeaways are applicable. All the while, she's so down to earth.
6 Reviews · 7 Videos
Huffington Post Contributor and Best Selling Author of "The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents"
Latest Review
Joanna Hyatt is the most talented speaker who I have seen on our campus. Through feisty humor and real life experience, Joanna is able to help ...
6 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Delivering success in a challenging world
Latest Review
We had the pleasure of inviting Chris to our annual leadership conference this year which was absolutely fantastic and a really pertinent part of ...
10 Reviews · 18 Videos
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Best-Selling Author of Take Their Breath Away, Wired and Dangerous, Customers as Partners and Managers as Mentors
Latest Review
Your amazing keynote presentation was certainly the highlight of the day and had all of my executive management team talking.
15 Reviews · 4 Videos
The Hero Effect: Making a Difference When It Matters the Most!
Latest Review
My text messages and emails will not stop with appreciation and praise! You exceeded everyone's expectations. I am incredibly appreciative of you ...
28 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Corporate Culture Expert, Customer Service Specialist, and Author
Latest Review
Harley-Davidson dealers are a tough crowd to please. You speak their language, you address their issues, you do it with down-to-earth humor and ...
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Latest Review
Sponsors of our Women in Leadership dinner still talk about how inspirational Auntie Anne was that night. Auntie Anne's message resonated with ...
12 Reviews · 6 Videos · 1 Book
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We Create Happiness by Guiding Growth Mindset to unleash The Power of Positive Schools
Latest Review
Kim Strobel has her finger on what's right in education right now: a resurgence of happiness to boost learning, a focus on growth mindset, and so ...
20 Reviews · 10 Videos
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Enterprise Growth Strategist and Global Thought Leader
Latest Review
Thank you so much for presenting at the 2011 Amerinet Member Conference in Orlando, Fl. The session was a huge hit and so well received. As you ...
6 Reviews · 3 Videos
Legendary Health Care Executive and Industry Leading Entrepreneur
Latest Review
Dr. Burcham was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the initial call to the day of his keynote address, he was accessible, flexible and ...
3 Reviews · 7 Videos
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Economist, Philosopher and Social Critic
Latest Review
"Many in the scholarly, religious, and political field praise Jeremy Rifkin for a willingness to think big, raise controversial questions, and ...
1 Review · 2 Videos
District of Columbia  
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Business Growth Strategist, Entrepreneur, VC Strategic Partner WSJ Bestselling Author of Eleven Books
Latest Review
David was the keynote speaker at our HPE Storage Marketing All-Hands team meeting and he KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! For an established business ...
10 Reviews · 7 Videos
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