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Speaker, Sales Coach, Author
Latest Review
Stu, your Personality Styles training sessions are a success at Textura. This adds a new dimension to our sales process, supporting our ...
9 Reviews · 4 Videos
Overcoming Odds and Thriving in Digital Innovation
Latest Review
I had Chris speak to a group of our leaders and the feedback was phenomenal. Several of them commented on how Chris' message changed the way the ...
4 Reviews · 7 Videos
Business Growth Strategist, Entrepreneur, VC Strategic Partner WSJ Bestselling Author of Eleven Books
Latest Review
David was the keynote speaker at our HPE Storage Marketing All-Hands team meeting and he KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! For an established business ...
10 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Entrepreneur, Sales Expert, NY Times Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker
Latest Review
Finally, Weldon has shared the stage with Dr. Stephen R. Covey in a high level, professional workshop. We found him to be articulate, motivating, ...
6 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Author & Humorous Sales/Motivational Speaker
Latest Review
Thanks again for your energy and passion. I hope everyone got what I did . . . an adrenaline rush!
10 Reviews · 2 Videos
Expert on High Performance, Leadership, Managing Change, Sales, and Communications
Latest Review
You were an absolute HIT at our convention. You had the crowd in the palm of your hand, and came back as the number one highlight of the weekend ...
12 Reviews · 3 Videos
Business Growth Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Best-Selling Author
Latest Review
Our team found Ian to be engaging, entertaining, and thought provoking. We can easily implement his message about value selling.
5 Reviews · 5 Videos
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Sales Velocity: Selling to Today's Informed Buyers
Latest Review
High energy, flexible and worked hard up front to understand the audience and tailor his message. Highly recommend him!
3 Reviews · 1 Video
Building Brands through Storytelling, Expert Communicator
Latest Review
"We surveyed the attendees after the summit and over 95% of attendees ranked Kindra's message as "extremely valuable" and a large number stated ...
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
New York  
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Author, Educator and Business Consultant
Latest Review
We were looking for a resource to relay the appropriate message; without a doubt we found the right organization in Beveridge.
4 Reviews
The Builder of Sales Champions
Latest Review
Just a note to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have my people involved with your seminar in Denver. There is no price too high for ...
3 Reviews
Sales Force Trainer and Motivator
Latest Review
Your presentation to the Sales and Marketing Executives Club was outstanding. Your unique approach was 'right on target' for the sales and ...
6 Reviews · 1 Video
Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker
Dave Zilko founded his first specialty food company more than 25 years ago. While today Dave remains an equity partner in several food-oriented...
4 Videos
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Best motivational and sales speaker in Latin America by General Motors.
Jose Holmer is an internationally recognized sales expert, speaker, and author of the best seller "Who dares Sells". His organizations Integrated...
1 Video
$10,000 - $18,000
History-Making Mountain Climber, Business Executive, International Speaker and Bestselling Author
Latest Review
You were quite the success with our audience. Meeting you and hearing your story gives me a renewed sense of self and focus. You change people. ...
14 Reviews · 3 Videos
Author and Lecturer on Management, Sales and Change
Latest Review
I believed when I was talking I was in control. The truth is, no one was listening! Limiting speaking to 5-10 seconds works.
4 Reviews
New York  
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America's Fearless Success Speaker
Latest Review
Dexter, you better pay attention to him. He is going to lead you and he is going to change this world. Remember my name is John, and I'm your ...
2 Reviews · 2 Videos
Expert on Sales & Productivity, Real Estate Specialist
Latest Review
Jared came and spoke to our entire company about their environment and the effect it has on our overall business. We have made changes as a ...
4 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Sales and Marketing Consultant and Best-Selling Author
Latest Review
A standing ovation for a sales and marketing presentation? How often does that happen? Incredible!
5 Reviews
CEO of Assessments 24×7 LLC / CSP Member of NSA Speaker Hall of Fame
Latest Review
Your presentation was the perfect complement to the rest of the program and I have continued to receive positive feedback from everyone! The ...
5 Reviews · 1 Video
Award Winning Entrepreneur and ABC News' Money Matters Contributor
Andre Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, strategic thinker, dynamic speaker, and media personality. He's the author of a series of books,...
7 Videos
New York  
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