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Empowering Individuals and Organizations to Write New Scripts for Their Lives and Their Work.
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Powerful, insightful . . . more impact than I ever thought leadership training could be.
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Educator/ Leadership & Life Coach, Author of "Be The One For Kids" and Co-Author of Principals In Action. "You have the power to change the lives of others, together we can unleash that power."
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Ryan's presentation was captivating and inspiring to Be The One who can motivate and make a difference. His material is relevant and informative ...
6 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Bestselling Author and Leadership Expert
Latest Review
Jeremy hit a home run for our event. He is entertaining, engaging, and helps make your people better with the unique ability to blend humor, ...
4 Reviews · 5 Videos
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One of the World's Leading Technology Forecasters and Business Strategists
Latest Review
Daniel Burrus was fabulous! He received rave reviews from our participants for his relevancy, insight, expertise, and style. He's the only ...
11 Reviews · 7 Videos
New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Modern Day Will Rogers
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In the first year of our relationship with Andy Andrews, Fairway doubled its business volume from $5.4 billion to 11.2 billion. The second year ...
13 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Former Sheriff of Milwaukee County and Frequent News Media Guest
Latest Review
"David was a rock star! His presentation was phenomenal. The line for his book signing stretched across the hotel's lobby. We sold every copy of ...
7 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Customer Service and Experience Expert - New York Times Bestselling Author
Latest Review
Dear Shep, Wow! Talk about exeeding our expectations! Your presentation at our Energizer Saddlebrook national sales meeting in Tampa was an ...
3 Reviews · 3 Videos
Corporate advisor and change consultant
Latest Review
It has been a real pleasure to listen to Bruce's speech because sustainability is more than ever needed and big corporations, as fundamental key ...
2 Reviews · 4 Videos
At 335 pounds, Sue Reynolds' couldn't walk a block, fit in a restaurant booth, or even tie her own shoes. After failing one diet after another, she...
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Distinguished Principal, TEDx Speaker and Author
Latest Review
Hearing Evan speak is an incredibly motivating experience. He speaks about growth, risk, and change in an honest and open way that have ...
3 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Show Stopping Performance. Life Changing Message.
Latest Review
Dan Thurmon was, by far, the highest rated aspect of our conference, based on attendee survey results. His presentation was inspirational, ...
16 Reviews · 12 Videos
Former Ambassador, Brand Troubleshooter, Public/Private Partnership Expert
Presidential, Secretarial, and Gubernatorial Advisor, U.S. Ambassador, UN Delegate, Corporate Executive with Leadership at the Highest Levels of...
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District of Columbia  
Educational Consultant, Classroom Teacher, Motivational Speaker
Latest Review
I'm so glad my staff heard Monica speak. She is literally who I want all of my teachers to strive to be. I wish my own kids could have her as a ...
16 Reviews · 7 Videos
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Healthcare Futurist, Author and Innovation Expert
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The Innovation Playbook offers core elements that all of us can incorporate and learn from to help build success.
7 Reviews · 8 Videos
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Teacher of the Year, Featured on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and "NBC Night News", Published Author
Latest Review
First of all, in my 27 years in education, Michael was undoubtedly the best keynote presenter I have ever heard. In fact, 100% of the 503 ...
19 Reviews · 9 Videos
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Humorous Nationally Acclaimed Economist and Speaker
Latest Review
"Our company conducts quarterly seminars and there is typically a 25%-30% percent no-show rate. For Elliot's presentation, the crowd was ...
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
NYT's Bestselling author, Consultant and Communicator
Latest Review
The most telling aspect of our experience was after the presentation and book signing, when you met with some of our people and talked about the ...
10 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Author, Educator and Business Consultant
Latest Review
We were looking for a resource to relay the appropriate message; without a doubt we found the right organization in Beveridge.
4 Reviews
President of Broyhill Leadership Conference, Comedic Motivator, Inspirational Speaker
Latest Review
Michael was outstanding, funny, animated, passionate and very professional. He helped close the show and was the buzz for hours after the ...
4 Reviews · 1 Video
North Carolina